Every child is an artist

Pablo Picasso famously once said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”. But there is more to unwrap here beyond the notion that your child needs to keep practicing regularly in order to maintain their artistic abilities later in life. The meaning of his quote extends beyond the world of art and into every aspect of life.

Firstly, every child is likely have some talent or talents. One is more active and may turn out to be great at a particular sport. Others tend to talk more and are more likely to be great at communicating and presenting.

  1. Encouraging your child to show their talent
    In order to find out what your child is good at, we need to create an environment where they can express their true selves. Sometimes, this comes at the cost of our own discomfort as they may be loud by nature or not want to fall asleep as they won’t go to bed without us reading another story. However, this behavior shows the our children’s true interested rooted deeply inside them. The key is to listen to the child and observe. It isn’t easy as you may not want to always let them dictate what you do, so we should be setting clear rules, but at the same time, this behavior can tell us a lot about our children’s real interests and strengths, rooted deeply inside them.

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